Book Review – Handwriting and Homeopathy

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Title: Handwriting and Homeopathy

Author: Dr.Ulrich Welte

Publisher: Narayana Verlag

Year: 2005

This book is a recent addition to my library. It is a large-format book, hard bound and fairly heavy! I bought this book because the idea of using  handwriting to discover clues about the suitable homeopathic remedy seems quite interesting.

Readers may be familiar with the term Graphology, which is the analysis of handwriting in order to understand personality characteristics. Several features such as slant, size, pressure, and spacing are used to weave a portrait of the person whose handwriting is being studied.

This book does not address graphology. But what is interesting about it is that Dr.Welte associates handwriting samples with homeopathic remedies, based on cured cases. There are hundreds of samples showing the link between handwriting and the corresponding remedy. In addition to handwriting, there is a passing mention of colors usually associated with a remedy.

Dr.Welte recommends that handwriting sample must be collected from every patient, at least in chronic cases, and compared with the given samples to determine the closest matching remedy. Of course, one cannot prescribe a remedy based only on handwriting, but if other symptoms match, then the remedy can be prescribed with greater confidence.

The whole book is just a catalog of handwriting samples and the corresponding remedies, along with a brief description of cured cases.

Although I find the book useful, I think the author should have identified and catalogued a standard set of features to look for in handwriting in order to map it to a remedy. Without such a detailed analysis, asking doctors to compare handwritings to determine similarity will be difficult to follow in practice. Better still, if someone can implement this idea in software (note to myself!), that would take this research to a more scientific level.

In conclusion, I think this book is worth adding to your library if you can afford it (the price has been slashed from 38 euros to 18 euros as I write this review) and if you have an open mind about exploring such ideas. I hope that in a future edition, the author will come up with enhancements to make it more usable in daily consultation.

If the idea of using handwriting to confirm a homeopathic remedy is appealing, then you might want to look at the following books too:

1) Appearance and Circumstance, Grant Bentley, Pennon Publishing, 2003.

(This book describes the use of facial features to determine a person’s miasm.)

2) Body Language and Homoeopathy, Ajit Kulkarni, B.Jain Publishers (P) Ltd., 2010.

(This is good book on how body language offers rubrics to use in repertorisation.)

Happy reading!

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