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Title: Just You Think… – The Top Remedies for Various Disease Conditions (Volume 1)

Author: Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar

Publisher: Homeopathic Medical Publishers

Year: 2019

Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar is a well-known homeopath with a busy practice in Kolkata, India. It is said that he sees between 100 to 150 patients every day and a majority of the cases involve severe pathologies. This book is a compilation (by Dr.Gaurang Gaikward) of 88 disease conditions along with commonly indicated remedies for each condition, based on the extensive experience of Dr.Sarkar. 

Although several homeopathic therapeutic handbooks are available these days, what sets this book apart is the somewhat unconventional choice of remedies in certain disease conditions. For example, Agrimony, a Bach flower remedy, is mentioned in the treatment of Gall Stones. Similarly, in the case of Breast Cancer, potentized Tamoxifen (a widely-prescribed allopathic drug) is suggested as a possible remedy. Even Organ remedies are included where appropriate. An example is Sabal in the treatment of Prostate Cancer. Classical homeopaths might frown upon such prescriptions, but Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar prefers to be practical, and asserts that these remedies have worked for him.

The disease conditions are presented in alphabetical order, with the present volume starting with Acid Reflux and ending with Hypothyroidism, covering 88 diseases overall. For each condition, a brief description of the condition is given, followed by a list of remedies with Noteworthy Symptoms for each remedy. Where relevant, hints on differential diagnosis are also mentioned. One noteworthy point is the coverage of different types of cancer. In fact, 24 types of cancer are covered in this volume, including cancer of the Breast, Liver, Lung, Ovary, Prostate, and Skin.

I would have liked the book a lot more if actual case studies were included. That would have thrown additional insights on potency selection and repetition, two aspects that are quite important in difficult pathological cases. However, since the book is already bulky at over 700 pages, I am not surprised at the omission. 

Given Dr.Sarkar’s experience in the field, I would strongly recommend this book to all students of homeopathy and to junior practitioners of the art. In fact, if you haven’t read his earlier book “Just You See: Broadening The Homeopathic Horizon”, I would advise you to read that too.

I am eagerly waiting for Volume 2!

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