About Me

Rangarajan Krishnamoorthy


In my primary avatar, I am a Software Developer, Consultant and Corporate Trainer. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in ECE from Madras University, Master’s from the School of Automation, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Anna University.



Other areas that I am passionate about are

* Homeopathy (DIHom from the British Institute of Homeopathy)

* Acupuncture (M.D. from MIAH)

* Photography (Check out some of my photographs at Flickr)

* Astrology (I have developed KPAstro, a Windows-based software for Krishnamurti Padhdhati)

* Computer Music (Sample MIDI files generated using algorithmic composition techniques: Example3 Example4 Example2 Example1)

I am a Member of ACM, IEEE and Computer Society of India.

I am associated with Man Machine Systems and STAG Software Pvt. Ltd.

My Corporate Seminars

I teach the following on-site courses at software/IT companies. Email me to schedule a class for your company.

– OOP and C++

– Advanced Topics in C++

– Object Modeling with UML

– Core Java

– Programming in Lisp

Popular Lecture Series

I am frequently invited to deliver guest lectures at various Engineering colleges. Popular topics are

1) Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
2) Design by Contract
3) Formal Specification of Software
4) Testing Object-Oriented Software
5) Functional Programming in LISP
6) Programming with Exceptions
7) Internet of Things

If your organisation/college is interested in a talk/seminar, feel free to email me:

ranga AT mmsindia.com


me AT rangakrish.com